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2Girls Chef Services


We're Back!

Want to cook, but no time? Tired of coming up with new meal ideas? Work long hours? You deserve a home cooked meal! We've re-vamped our at-home meal delivery program and we're back!

Individual Meals as low as $9.00 (each)

Family Meals (when available) as low as $30.00 (feeds 4 people)

Meals are Freezable! New Menus will be emailed weekly! Automated meal ordering via private foodie member link! Orders due on Friday for the following week's delivery!  Meal plans for specific diets or dietary restrictions are available as well by contacting us with your dietary requirements.

Very affordable option for the busy single professional or busy parents with children!


** Excellent idea for College Students living in Apartments!** College discounts are available!


Tuesdays - Cary, NC and surrounding area (50 mile radius)

Thursdays - Greensboro, NC and surrounding area (50 mile radius)


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Hey 2Girls! I'm ready for my homecooked meal!

Click here to get the menus!

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